BY INVITATION Peony Noir Michael Buble

“Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection.”

Hello! I have a pleasure to review a new fragrance Peony Noir by Michael Buble for you today. Starting from a bottle I like the minimalistic style and thick glass which makes it hard to break (because who didn’t drop a perfume on the bathroom floor) The fragrance is a mix of sweet rose and orange blossom combined with base notes of sandalwood and cedarwood which makes it perfect for the Autumn/ Winter season. I had some perfume that couldn’t last a whole day. Which was pretty annoying, especially when you have more plans after work and you don’t have a perfume with you, but this one after the whole day I was still able to smell the sweet sense. For the coming holidays, I think this would be a perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife or just a friend.


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