Coffee talks: finding balance

Welcome back to another episode of coffee talks. This time I want to talk about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately- finding balance. When I started my Instagram I wasn’t very active and I would only post something when I actually got a time. Now I’m posting daily content on Instagram plus I started to post quite a lot on my blog. You might know that blogging is not my full-time job and I got to the point where I think like I need to take a step back.

I thought in order to grow I must to as much as possible and push my limits. So I got to the point where one weekend (because I work full time shooting during a week is not an option now) I had to photograph 15 things for collaborations. I’ve spent a whole weekend shooting and creating content from early morning to dark and when it was too dark to shoot I would sit and retouch photos till midnight. Then Monday came and as you might know perhaps I’m a Model/ E-commerce Assistant and I had to go straight to the studio and then work on banners for the website. At that point, my creativity level was so low and I was feeling so tired that this week starting from Saturday until Friday has been I could say the worst I had in my life.

I’ve never felt so drained out of energy and stressed out because of deadlines. I didn’t want to even read my email because I knew there will email chasing me for content. But okay, that’s has been a crazy weekend but you would think it will benefit you. You’ll grow the engagement, etc. but no. My engagement on Instagram has never been worst and that’s where I started to think what am I doing wrong.

Well.. many things! First of all most of my audience comes from DIY interests and I’ve been so busy with collabs that I haven’t touched the sewing machine in a month. Second of all due to so many collabs all of my latest posts were #ad #sponsored and that doesn’t look good if you want to engage with your followers.

So now we are here. Now I want to finish all my pending collabs and start fresh with a free head and lots of creative energy. I wanted to share this story with you as you might see that I haven’t posted in a while on Instagram and some of you might of think “Ohh.. she’s probably busy” but I was so close to deleting my Instagram thinking I don’t need this type of stress in my life.

So what’s now you’ll think. Now I want to come up with a plan of action. What do I really want and how am I going to do it. I hope this post made sense to you. I want to share with you not only those great moments but you know, keep it real. Until next time


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