DIY Backless Maxi Dress


1. Cut out 4 pieces of wide strap from your main fabric (we will use main fabric as a top lining). Remember to make straps long enough to cover the bust and tie them at the back.

2. Sew two pieces of a strap together and bag it out. Repeat the same step for the order strap.

3-4. Attach the elastic to the bottom of the straps ( You don’t need to worry to make it super neat as we will insert those straps between skirt lining and main fabric so it won’t be visible).

5-6. Cut out 2 pieces of a skirt in main fabric and lining. Overlock the edges and hem of the skirt & lining. Sew sides of the skirt together finishing approximately 20cm before the end ( If you are using a fabric with stretch and you don’t want a splits just sew the whole thing). Topstitch the hem of lining and main skirt. To finish of the splits fold them by 0.5cm and topstitch ( This is the reason why we overlocked the edges of a skirt and lining before).

7-9. Insert the straps between lining and main fabric ( This is the reason why we don’t sew lining and fabric together so we can access the waistband) Place them into position and sew all the way around, joining lining and main fabric of the skirt. The last step is to add an elastic to the waistband. You’ll also do it from the “inside”. You can sew the elastic to the seam allowance left from previous step. To finish off you can topstitch the waistband, now on the right side of the fabric. Remember to stretch the waistband while you do it. 


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