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I hope everybody had a great weekend. I’m back from Barcelona and I already want to go back! What surprised me the most is probably how the city looks. Yeah you see tonnes of photos from Barcelona of how amazing is the architecture but once you are there… I mean! For example, we had to go from A to B but in between, we had to stop so many times to take a pic of something or change a route cause I saw a cute little street.

Meanwhile, I have my batteries fully charged and I’m ready to get back to work. No more holidays planned what is a bit sad, but the beginning of this year was so intense that I fully accept staying home.

So let’s get back to post! Yessss another Elie Beaumont watch arrived and oh my oh my it’s so pretty and pink! I never was a huge fan of watches, to be honest, but since I got my first watch from Elie Beamount I wear them every single day. Great quality and such a variety to choose from. For now, I have three of them gold, marble and pink and I have to say pink is my favourite so far. Not sure if that’s because of a shape or pink strap but on my trip to Barcelona I had it almost all the time with me.

I’ll link the watch down below in case you’ll want to check it out.

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