Falling for you

As I’ve been on holidays for the beginning of the Autumn, now I have to catch up! New Fall look featuring TBDRESS ( click ). The fact I love the most about this season is that during October every street or path becomes magical. I’ve been passing this place almost every day but only now when the leaves turned yellow I’ve noticed how beautiful it is. In fact, the whole city looks so nice in those golden shades that it makes me want to go for a walk all the time.

Some time ago I’ve told you I am organizing my wardrobe and seriously guys, I didn’t realize how much stuff I have, but I’m not wearing. So what I did first is I took EVERYTHING out of my closet, yep everything and let me tell you it was a mess. But then, I’ve selected only items I like and I’ve been recently wearing and organized them nicely in my closet. The rest of them, I left on my chair to photograph and sell and some pieces I’ve decided to give to charity.

From now on I have a new resolution to go through my wardrobe more often and keep nice and organized. Next step! My jewellery box! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I shall get back to you with the next post soon! Bye for now


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