Floral Story


Hi Everybody! I hope your day is going well! I’m back today in a collaboration with Black Betty to create for you a floral story.

This floral navy skater dress is perfect for those summer days. I was actually quite surprised at how good quality of this dress was.  As soon as I got this dress I thought of styling it with high boots and a hat.

There is some Coachella ready outfit right there! Counting down to summer as I cannot cope with this weather anymore ( all I want to do is stay in bed ;< ) Any plans what the summer my loves? I have some summer plans but I always feel like I need more holidays. I don’t know what thought 25 days a year is enough to charge your batteries for a whole year.

With every year passing by I promise myself I’ll be more organized and plan everything ahead but it seems like it just doesn’t work for me and I always leave stuff until last minute.  I should really get myself an organizer and plan my whole year of holidays until last hour!

That’s it for now! I recommend to check out their website I’ll leave the link down below. They have lots of maxi dresses and I’m obsessed with a range of their print, you’ll find there literally everything! Cheers! Until next time!

link to the website here




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