Hair routine

Hi everybody! Today I want to talk about hair and my current hair routine.

I must say I have quite a history with my hair. I started to dye my hair when I was 15/16 I don’t remember exactly, but I always thought my hair was too dark and doesn’t suit me at all. So I dyed them regularly every 2 months for a light brown colour.

After years of dying my hair in a similar shade, I wanted something new and I started experimenting on my hair (you can’t call it any other way than this). So I’m one of those people who think they can do everything themselves and I dyed and bleached my hair myself.

The routine was, I would try a new colour and after a failure, I would dye my hair black. From ginger, thought blond to even grey I’ve done so much damage that I had to cut my hair really short. The worst moment was when on my bleached yellow hair I decided to put grey dye. Silver grey dye had a blue tint and when I applied it on my yellow hair they turn out green ( what a disaster! )

Now it has been more than a year without dying my hair and my ends turned a bit ginger affected by the sun, but I decided I’ll leave them that way. I’m trimming my ends every 2 months.

At the moment I’m using only natural products, I try to really take care of my hair. I’m also trying out a few things and I’ll definitely let you know the- results and what exact products I’m using.

I hope I’m not the only crazy hair person out there. Below you can find some pictures of my hair before and now. Comment below your hair story, I would love to read it!

Until next time!


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