july diary.

When months are blended and the weather is really bad this summer I try to make myself positive by planning. I love planning. I love making spreadsheets and organize and calculate everything. I’m taking this time to go through ALL OFF MY STUFF.

So far I probably donated 5 bags of clothes to goodwill. I have 2 older sisters and growing up I would get their clothes as I got older. In our house, we keep EVERYTHING, like I’m pretty sure I have still all of my clothes from a primary school in my family house and I noticed this habit of mine of keeping stuff “just in case”. Well, it’s all coming to an end, because I really don’t need clothes from high school that don’t even fit me, but I’m attaching to give them away. I’m making huge changes to my closet, which I already mentioned here before.

Can’t wait to finish this long process and perhaps show you guys it here. Meanwhile, enjoy some snaps I captured this month.

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