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Bardot Yellow Floral Jumpsuit

Summer is here, JUMPSUITS out! Oh how much I’ve missed hot days and sun. While I’m still waiting to shoot maxi dress I’ve made, I got this look. Bardot yellow jumpsuit in a vivid floral print, great option for a sunny days. I’ve started to work on another project lately, another dress of course.  That’s funny every time I’m sketching something I want to make i always turn it into dress. I wish I could live somewhere hot when sun shines all the time and wear dresses everyday!

Recently I’m not that active on tintofmint but oh boy I have to tell you I’m quite busy with some other things. You’ll see effects pretty soon an I’ve gotta say it’s huge.  I wish you all a happy day 🙂 Until next time..


If you want to see finished preview of the maxi dress check out my Instagram


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