Last week I’ve asked you for questions for this Q+A. I finally got time to sit down and answer them all so if you are interested to know me a bit better just keep reading.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Poland, but now I live in the UK for over 5 years now. ( Fun fact before the UK I moved to Denmark for a half  year and I very much cherish that time)

How did you first started blogging?

To be honest, I’ve done it for yeeears, but only for the past 1/2 years, I’ve really started to put more attention and time into this. It all started from love to sewing. I was uploading my clothes DIYs on the Zszywka which is like a Polish version of today’s Pinterest. Then I decided to create a blog to make more tutorials and here we are today.

How do you edit you photos?

Well, that’s the most asked question I probably get. I did use a Lightroom preset in the beginning, but then I’ve started to use VSCO as it’s a faster and more convenient way of editing when you’re on the go or on holidays. So although at the moment I’m using VSCO, I’m also working on a Lightroom preset right now, which hopefully I’ll be able to share with you someday.

How to you keep your feed so consistent?

Well, planning is step number one. I always plan ahead at least 6 photos and I use A Colour Story app to do that. I also like to keep photos I might use later on top of my planned grid which does not necessarily match any colors on my current grid.  I like to look at my feed and be able to see some space and variety of shots. That’s why the technique I’m using is a checkered look, which is one busy photo and then minimalistic. This way it’s easy to keep a clean and organized feed. Also, remember one filter will not keep your feed consistent ( unless you take the identical photos all the time) I myself use from 5-7 different VSCO filters on my feed. It all depends on photo, light, colors, etc.

How did you came up with your brand?

To be honest I’ve been dreaming to have my own brand ever since I made my first dress like in high school. I guess almost every person who studied Fashion Design at some point wanted to have their own clothing line. One day I decided that it’s time to put action where my mouth is and just go ahead and launch my own label. My brand is still relatively new, but I have big plans for the future. I love the fact that it’s super ecological and we minimize our waste to an absolute minimum. For example, from the fabric leftovers we make scrunchies which we add as a free gift to each order to reduce fabric wastage. We also don’t use any type of plastic packaging which makes me so happy to call my brand a “green brand”.

How many countries have you been to?

Funny that I actually never counted that before! Perhaps because this number is not that important to me as I very much like to explore different parts of the same country, but my magic number is 15.

The countries I’ve been to are: Spain, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Amsterdam, San Marino, Italy, Slovakia, Czechia, Ukraine, UK, Poland.

Why did you decide to do 30 days without shopping?

Love that question. I’ve done the x days without shopping a couple of times already, but never for a whole month. As I finally decided to do it I wanted to encourage and inspired others to it too. I can’t remember the exact point in my life that I decided to reduce my carbon footprint, but as I have the opportunity to share something with a bigger audience that could be more help the planet I’ll definitely do it. I think working in fast fashion for so many years made my point of view very different. Seeing the manipulation of the customer only for the sake of selling more and more.

Here is a thought I want you to think about. You work every single day or perhaps part-time, you get up early to go to work and work like a machine through your shift and now when you get paid at the end of the month you spend a huge chunk of your money on clothes you don’t really need. The brands who encourage you to spend your money on clothes on payday annoy me the most. You could use that money for a guitar course you always wanted to do or holidays! Believe me, you don’t need another dress!

I challenge you to do through your wardrobe and put on side clothes you ACTUALLY wear on a daily basis and you’ll be shocked how many of “one-time” clothes you already have. I’ve done it when I moved and I was shocked how many not useful clothes I have, some even with tags because they were on sale and I might wear it “someday”. 

Ending this post with a last question from my friend. Who asked me when am I coming back to Poland. The real question is when are you coming to UK 🙂


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