Hi! I hope everyone is doing great today! I prepared this post in collaboration with brand named Black Betty. A few weeks ago they’ve sent me a package of goodies. Two dresses, jacket and this striped shirt. I was so surprised when I got my package as I was expecting only one item. huge shout out then to Black Betty for a very nice surprise.

You’ll probably remember velour green midi dress and similar shape white dress from my IG yes, that was Black Betty stuff. I have to also mention super cute blazer that I got from them with so many details, I’m totally obsessed.

I’ve been thinking what to style this shirt with, perhaps a skirt or navy denim skinny jeans. After all, I decided to go for all white look which seems to be my favourite for the past few months. Because you can’t go wrong with white, right?

The stripes are in a fashion almost every season but this year are all over the stores and bloggers Instagrams. I don’t personally own a lot of striped clothes simply because I never can find something I really like. Well, after this shirt I’m definitely getting more stripes to my wardrobe.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of making my blog more live! Yesss! When I started my blog I was super active by writing long posts but with a time Instagram took away my whole attention. Well, it’s time to change! I don’t know who is excited but I for sure am!

As always I’ll link all of the items below. Unfortunately, I bought jacket yeaaars ago from Missguided and it’s not available anymore.


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