Sweater Weather

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Sweater Weather

Hello !

Weather in Manchester is more likely a Winter season, but such a fresh air and beautiful sunrises recompense freezing mornings. In the past few months I’m obsessed with grey colour. Grey clothes, grey interior even thought about grey hair came back for a second 🙂

Sweater Weather? Oh yes! Heavy knitted jumper, combined with mini skirt and leather jacket, oh boy I love this look. I replaced handbag with a cute little backpack to add to outfit more girly look. Also, I have to mention my hair, seriously I couldn’t decide what to do with them that’s why half photos are with ponytail 😀 I hope you guys liked this look! I’ll be back with a new makeup tutorial or outfit in next week, but until that stay updated 🙂

I posted a new makeup video on my channel go and check it out www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4X8_Wl1DnU

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