Tropical vibes


Hey, Y’all!  I hope your week was amazing and you also enjoyed the sun this weekend. Today I prepared for you some tropical vibes in collaboration with a cool brand called Chick me. They’ve sent me this awesome cami maxi deep neck dress in a cute tropical print.

With a dress like that you don’t need much of other accessories. I decided to add a touch of gold to embrace colour of the dress. I must say I love the fabric and the print as well. Back zip made is super easy to put on and adjustable cami straps allowed to hold everything in position ( girls you know what I mean ). I think this dress will look super cute on a pool party or a holiday look. Can’t wait to take it for my next holidays.

With my love to tropical style, palm trees, colourful plain buildings, vinyl chairs I should be really living somewhere else. Maybe it’s better I’m not to another wise I would spam you guys every day with a pic of a palm tree or a pink wall. Now since I live in Manchester and there is not a lot of palm trees if I find an exotic plant outside, I’ll be there.

Kinda makes me laugh posing with one plant against the whole bunch of bloggers living in California, but hay you work with what you have and who knows maybe someday I’ll live in a pink house with a driveway made out of palm trees.

That’s everything, for now, I’m off to bed getting all the energy I can for a busy day at work tomorrow. We are going to shoot some new arrival for the summer collection. So excited!

Until next time! As always I’ll link the dress down below if you want to check it out!




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