Camilla Kimono Robe

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make Camilla Kimono Robe.

UK 6-16 / EU 34-44 / US 2-12/ AU 6-16

To make this robe I used 2,5m/ 98.4” of linen fabric and the size I’m wearing is a UK size 8. This robe is meant to be a relaxed fit so if you want it to be a bit tighter you can always go a size down. First we are going to start with patch pockets. Fold the top edge by 1cm/ 0.4” , press it and then fold it again by  4cm/ 1.6” and sew those edges. Next, overlock all three edges and bag the pocket out. Use scissors to make sure that the corners are nice and pointy. Then fold 3 overlocked edges by 1cm/ 0.4″ and press them down. Topstitch folded bit of the pocket as close to the edge as possible. Now your pockets are ready to be placed on the front panels.

Measure 47cm/ 18.5” from the shoulder down and 6cm/ 2.4” from the side. This point is where the top corner of your pocket will be. Place the pocket and pin it down making sure that the outer edge is 6cm/ 2.4” away from the side then you can topstitch all three edges.

Moving on, take front panels and pin the shoulders together with the back panel. Them sew and overlock both raw shoulder edges. Fold the sleeve in half and place it on the armhole edge making sure that the middle of the folded sleeve is on the seam line of the shoulder. Then you want to pin it down, sew and overlock the armhole edge.

Now before we will sew sides together we have to make button loops. Take three belt loop pieces, fold them in half, stitch so they are at least 1cm/ 0.4” wide then trim the excess fabric. Bag them out using a loop turner and as a final step you want to press them flat. Measure 11cm/4.3” down from the armhole, insert your belt loops and secure using pins. The sew sides together, overlock the edge and press the seams nicely.

Moving on to the hem. Fold it by 1 cm/ 0.4” and then again by 5cm/ 2” and topstitch close to just folded edge

Pin and sew the two collar band’s short edges together. Match the collar’s center seam to the center back of your robe and start pinning  to the left and to the right of the robe aligning the raw edges. Insert the hanging loop to the neckline and stitch around the entire front opening. Press the collar band away from the robe. Then fold and stitch where the collar band ends. Trim the excess fabric and bag it out. Pin it in place making sure that that you cover the line of stitching as you go.

Topstitch the entire collar carefully as close to the edge as possible.

Finish off sleeves  with a rolled hem by pressing your fabric twice to the wrong side. First by 1cm/ 0.4” and then by another 4cm/ 1.6”. Pin and sew as close to the inner folded edge as possible and remember to backstitch. Then press it when you’re done.

As a last step we need to make a belt.a Pin and sew the two belt’s short edges together. Then fold your belt fabric in half lengthwise and sew the long raw edges together at 1cm/ 0.4” seam allowance. Bag the belt out and press it flat. Finish off the raw ends by tucking in 1cm/ 0.4” and topstitching the sides.

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