Tatton Park

Welcome back everyone and welcome everybody who sees my blog for the first time. I’ve heard somewhere that people tend to talk online like everybody knew them and what they are up to, soo… I want to start this post my saying Hi! I’m Karolina and I’ve been blogging for 6 years now but only recently I became really active. I love to; travel, eat Italian food, all cats & fashion. Today is about this first thing which is travel. Small or big I don’t care, I just love to travel and if I could, I would pack my stuff and travel around the world right now.

As we are staying sadly home for the next months we decided to explore a Manchester area a little bit more. I’ve actually found out about this park from another blogger from Manchester and oh boy, how right was she. This place is stunning and although you have to pay £7 parking and £7 pp for the entrance it was worth it. I would definately highly recommend visiting this place in May as all the flowers are crazy blooming and it looks like flower wonderland.


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