Top 12 food spots in Mykonos

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This is a post about what we all love the most. FOOD! We had a pleasure to visit many restaurants/ bars in Mykonos. In some places we loved food in some we only liked the atmosphere and drinks. Nevertheless we had a fabulous time in Mykonos and their food and service is as amazing as this place itself. So here are our top 12 food spots in Mykonos.

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1. Mea Culpa (view on the map)
2. Gyros Corner Opontos (view on the map)
3. Semeli Bar (view on the map)
4. 180º Sunset Bar (view on the map)
5. Kiki’s Tavern (view on the map)
6. Tasos Taverna (view on the map)
7. Oniro Sunset Bar (view on the map)
8. Pasta Fresca Barkia (view on the map)
9. Sic Coffee Bar (view on the map)
10. Souvlaki Story (view on the map)
11. Sakis (view on the map)
12. Katerina’s Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (view on the map)

1. Mea Culpa
If you are looking for a good meal in a pretty place Mea Culpa is worth a visit. We ordered souvlaki and ouzo. That was my first time trying so well known in Greece spirit and let me tell you it’s VERY strong. We heard from the local people that it’s best to drink it with no gas Fanta and ice. Definitely trying it out next time I’ll have ouzo.

2. Gyros Corner Opontos
In this place, you’ll find great pitas and kebabs, filled with delicious meat. This place is next to a few others that serve similar food which is perfect if you are looking for a street food.

3. Semeli Bar
A place with a stunning sea view. We stopped there to grab some coffee. This restaurant had some seats by the sea, but we decided to sit on the balcony with a lovely view of the windmills of Mykonos and the sea.

4. 180º Sunset Bar
This was probably one of my favourite places we went to. Maybe because we were there to celebrate my birthday with a glass of wine, but also because of the views. Imagine huge sofas under the stars, comfy pillows and blankets to enjoy an absolutely stunning view of the city and sunset. After it gets dark trees are filled with lamps and it makes this place even more perfect.

5. Kiki’s Tavern
Grab a notebook and write this place down. This I an absolute must go place in Mykonos. Located near Agios Sostis Beach with a stunning sea view. While you wait for your table you’ll get FREE wine or water (How cool is that!) We heard very good things about this place from local people and we know now why. Great food, great view and great service. Absolutely loved this place.

6. Tasos Taverna
Probably one of the prettiest spots I had a coffee. Located on the beach with an incredible view. Unfortunately didn’t have a chance to try the food there.

7. Oniro Sunset Bar
On our last day, we went to this place for a glass (or 2) of wine. You can sit outside on comfy sofas with pillows and enjoy the beautiful view. Nice place to watch a sunset.

8. Pasta Fresca Barkia
The best place in Mykonos if you are looking for pasta. We went to this place on my birthday and ordered started/main and dessert. Very rarely we order desserts in restaurants, but I’m SO glad we have done this time. There are no words I can describe how delicious the food was and how lovely this place was itself you just MUST visit!

9. Sic Coffee Bar
Looking for a place to grab a drink with good music. Well, look no further because this small place is just perfect. Located in the heart of Mykonos serves sushi and drinks. I wouldn’t recommend you trying sushi as it doesn’t look like the best one, plus reviews on Google confirms that, but if you are looking for a place to chill with a glass of wine, this place is perfect!

10. Souvlaki Story

The best pitas in Mykonos. This place might look like it’s not one of the best, but their food is just amazing. From all pitas, we had in Mykonos this was THE BEST one.

11. Sakis

One of top street food restaurants in Mykonos. We really love the atmosphere of this place. A bit crowded but it feels like you’re with a group of your friends. Great food and location. Highly recommend!

12. Katerina’s Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
The location of this place is probably the best about it. Located in little Venice, just by the sea and by that I mean that you can almost dip your leg in the sea while you are at your table. Great place to grab a drink. Be careful, it’s a bit pricey.



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