Gran Canaria

Hi everybody. Some time ago I visited Gran Canaria. It was my first time flying somewhere so far and as a person who is scared of flying it was quite a trip for me. We booked our flight from Manchester and the flight was approximately 4 hours. Luckily on the way back, I was so tired that I slept through the whole flight.

We booked our flights 3 months ahead what gave us a lot of time to do our research and get the best ticket prices. There are two main cities in Gran Canaria ( Maspalomas and Las Palmas ) and we decided to get away from the crowd and rent a flat to ourselves approximately 30min drive from Las Palmas. We loved the fact that our flat was located by the sea and in the evenings we could watch the sunset on our terrace with a glass of wine. 

In terms of the weather, I was super surprised how hot it was, 28°C in March! Comparing it to -2°C in Manchester I was VERY happy. Of course, as you travel inside the island the temperature was lower but I still enjoyed it.

As we arrived at the airport, we collected our rental car and headed to our house. After checking in we went straight to Las Palmas for a night walk along the beach. On the next day, we traveled on the other side of Gran Canaria to the Maspalomas to see famous dunes. This was my first time seeing dunes and I absolutely loved it. On our third day, we spend a whole day surfing! Well, let me tell you I am not as good as I thought but I’ll get better next time 🙂 On our last day, we went for a quick walk and headed back to the airport. I must say our time there was quite short but the Island itself is not that big and I still feel satisfied with what we managed to see.

Here are my top 5 tips if you are traveling to Gran Canaria:

1. Rent a car. It’s an absolute must to get around the island. Unfortunately, there aren’t many public transport options and it’s best to just rent a car.

2. Take some cash. We had a few problems with paying with the card as some of the places accepted cash only. Definitely not a problem but it’s nice to have some cash in your wallet just in case.

3. Book a holiday stay through Airbnb. Prices of the hotels in the main cities are quite expensive in comparing to whole apartments located a few miles from the city. For a cheaper price, you can get a whole place to yourself. 

4. DO NOT drink tap water. Tap water usually contains a lot of cleaning chemicals. Bottles with purified and mineral water are sold virtually everywhere and it’s not worth risking your health for £1.

5. Do not walk alone. Some parts of the Island as not as safe and it’s best to do not walk alone in dark. Also if you have any valuable items it’s best to leave them in your hotel.

That’s everything! I hope you find this post useful and enjoyed it as much as me creating it. Until next time!


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