Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen

Hi! After a short absence, I’ve been crazy busy right now with launch of my clothing brand ” mogisue “. We have only 17 days to go and I couldn’t be more stressed and happy at the same time. Today I want to share with you one of my favourite ” Art spots” in Rome, Italy. Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen absolutely a must see on your next trip to Rome. The museum is located in the suburbs of the pounding city, but I quite liked this fact as there weren’t many people. In fact while we were the only ones there at that time which was amazing plus the entrance is for FREE, yes you’ve heard me right for free.

Google Maps location of the Museum – here

Hendrik Christian Andersen was a Norwegian-American sculptor, painter and urban planner. Much of his work was done in contemplation of the single idea of designing a perfect “World City,” filled with art, which would motivate humanity to achieve a near Utopian state. Andersen’s philosophy was that art could change humanity and produce perfection.

You can  read more about this Artist- here


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