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Hi everybody! I hope you are having a great day. Today I prepared for you something you could call Blogger photography spots guide in Manchester. I’ve noticed there is lots of things like that about London, but only a few about Manchester. I also found that all those guides are outdated or show the obvious location like “Piccadilly Gardens”.

I’ve been living in Manchester for 5 years now and I can say that as a Blogger it is challenging to get a great shoot on something different than red brick. That’s why I created this list, to help you go and explore Manchester and to make sure you’ll never miss any great photo spots again.

Best Instagrammable Blogger spots in Manchester

1. Stairs in Ancoats    /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

2. Canal in Ancoats   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

3. High Grass   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

4. 20 Stories Manchester   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

5. Gate with flowers   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

6. Cowgirl vibes   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

7. Wooden wall in Ancoats   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

8. Tile floor   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

9. Pretty windows   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

10. Blossom Park   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

11. Palm trees   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

12. American Pink Dinner   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

13. Pretty Pink Gates   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

14. Huge windows   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

15. Graffiti Wall   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

16. Autumn Perfection   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

17. Street Style   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

18. Tunnel   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

19. Purple Vibe   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK

20. Daisy Field / GOOGLE MAPS LINK

1. Stairs in Ancoats    /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK2. Canal in Ancoats   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK3. High Grass   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK4. 20 Stories Manchester   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK5. Gate with flowers   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK6. Cowgirl vibes   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK7. Wooden wall in Ancoats   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK8. Tile floor   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK9. Pretty windows   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK10. Blossom Park   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK11. Palm trees   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK12. American Pink Dinner   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK13. Pretty Pink Gates   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK14. Huge windows   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK15. Graffiti Wall   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK16. Autumn Perfection   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK17. Street Style   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK18. Tunnel   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK19. Purple Vibe   /   GOOGLE MAPS LINK20. Daisy Field / GOOGLE MAPS LINK


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