linen dream

  Weekend notes. I’ve worked very long hours this week by working on releasing my sewing patterns ( CLICK ) so I decided to have a very lazy weekend to balance it out. The amount of rain we had this weekend was actually helpful and it made me appreciate being in a warm bed much more than usual. Speaking of bed I’ve recently rearranged my room a little bit and thanks to LinenMe I’ve upgraded my bedding to a 100% linen bedding. It’s unbelievable what a small thing can do. I would like to thank Linenme for this gift, it’s truly the best bedding I ever had. Here is the link to the one I have  ( CLCK )

I’ve watched a random video on YT and the person mentioned how people live for the weekend and how ridiculous that is to go through your life waiting for those 2 days every week. This thought has stuck with me ever since because I never really looked at it this way. Yes, sure I’m excited about the weekend, but is that really what meaning of living is? To look forward to those 48h. Did you know that according to statistics 85% of people are NOT satisfied with their job?

I’ve watched a video recently talking about how it actually is important to have a satisfying job. If you want to grow personally or start a new business, the 2h seminar on the weekend won’t do anything in comparison to what you could archive during the time you are at work. I myself haven’t figured it out yet so don’t worry if you didn’t too.


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