‘sweet summer’ apple tree

Welcome, everyone after a wonderful sunny weekend. I’m soaking up every day of this beautiful weather and trying to find at least 1h during a weekend just to relax. And by “relax”, I don’t mean watch Netflix or scroll Instagram. I mean take time OFF everything. Give me a break from constant “to do” things. I’ve noticed that when the weekends come I fill my day with lots of things and then struggle to keep up with a plan I’ve made.  What leaves me frustrated and at the end of the day I feel like I haven’t completed enough.

Which is SO WRONG. I’ve read an article some time ago how we suppose to be productive, not busy and that just makes so much sense for me. Rather than rushing through your tasks to get more of them done it’s better to set yourself a REALISTIC list of things to do and put 100% of yourself into doing it. Not distract yourself every 5 min to refresh Instagram. Just a quick thought I wanted to share with you. Wish you all a great week!



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