DIY Check Flare Trousers

Hello Autumn, hello guys. I’m happy to share with you my other make- check bell trousers. If you follow me on Instagram you already know a few days ago I visited the fabric store for some new fabric. This particular one even though was on the bottom shelf was the first thing I looked at so I decided to trust my instinct.

This was my first time making such fitted trousers and I must say even though they look simple it’s hard to get the fit just right. To make a pattern I used a pair of trousers I already have and adjusted the pattern. I love this fabric and I’m regretting I didn’t buy more of it to make a matching blazer (this is actually a pretty good idea for the next project)

Last week has been so productive that I have one more make to share with you this week in a fabric some of you voted for on my Instagram stories (something exciting to look forward) Meanwhile, let me know what do you think of those trousers and if I should make them in a different fabric? Until next time!


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