DIY Beanie Hat

While organising my stuff I found 1 extra ball of wool from the latest jumper I knitted. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the chunkiest and warmers jumper I now have and I’ll leave a link in ( HERE ) if you want to check it out. So, I decided to make myself a beanie hat. I know it’s April and I probably won’t need it until next winter, but it’s nice to complete a small knitting project in between all big things I’m working on.  

To make this hat I used a pattern from Wool and The Gang ( CLICK ) It’s super super easy and straight forward and all you need to know is knit 1×1 rib stitch & stocking stitch. Simple! I’ve taken some time and made a few tutorials on how to make those knitting techniques in case you need them. 


Stocking stitch, or stockinette stitch, is the second most basic of stitch patterns and is created by alternating rows of knit and purl stitches. The right side of the fabric has a ‘V’ pattern and the wrong side has a bar pattern. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create stocking stitch. 


The knit stitch is the first thing you’ll learn on your knitting journey. By knowing this technique you are able to build on multiple knitting techniques and use this as a base. To make a knit stitch to hold your work in your left hand and insert the right needle into the first stitch. Wrap the yarn around left needle clockwise and scoop the right needle towards you. Then slide off the stitch from the left needle.


The purl stitch is the second basic stitch to learn. A stitch that is purled will have a bump at its base. To make a purl stitch hold your work in your left hand and insert the right needle into the front of the first stitch. Wrap the yarn around right needle anti-clockwise and scoop the right needle away from you. Slide the stitch off the left needle.


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